Secure our Border, End Illegal Immigration and Stop Crime

There is no more pressing issue our nation faces than Joe Biden’s border crisis. The ongoing invasion of millions of illegal migrants across our border - ushered on by this administration and Democrats in Congress - is an existential threat to America’s sovereignty and national security.

Deadly drugs and violent criminals have flooded into our state, turning every community in Georgia into a border town. The tragic slaying of Laken Riley in Athens by an illegal alien with a lengthy criminal record is unfortunately not an isolated incident - innocent Americans are terrorized constantly by those who have no right to be in our country, only here because of the actions of a lawless President.

In 2016, I helped elect President Trump to make our nation great again, and served in his White House to implement an America First agenda - with strengthening border security being the top priority. Under his leadership, America’s border was secure, criminal illegals were held accountable, and nearly 500 miles of the border wall were built.

Joe Biden dismantled President Trump’s proven border security policies on Day One of his administration. Georgia families are suffering the results - rising crime, devastating fentanyl overdoses, lost economic opportunity and a government that puts illegals before its own citizens.

In Congress, I will lead the fight to end Biden’s border invasion and put America First once again - completing the job President Trump and I began in 2016. That means finishing the border wall, funding for ICE and border patrol, deporting criminal illegals, and reforming our immigration laws to prioritize the prosperity of working class Americans.

Fix the Economy, Cut Taxes and Unleash American Energy

Georgia families can’t escape the failures of Joe Biden’s economic agenda - runaway reckless spending, anti-American energy policies and high prices at the gas station and grocery store.

‘Biden-omics’ is a broken model that has devastated American families and workers, of which over 60% are living paycheck to paycheck. This is unsustainable, and in Congress, I’ll put pencil to paper to return to the pro-growth policies that fueled President Trump’s economic boom.

Lowering taxes and expanding President Trump’s middle class tax cuts, reducing spending and working towards a balanced budget, and unleashing American energy including oil and natural gas, will put us on a path to recovery and deliver needed relief for Georgia taxpayers.

End the Weaponization of Justice

In Joe Biden’s America, there is one system of lawlessness for his friends and allies and a weaponization against his perceived enemies. I am honored to have the endorsement of patriots and like Jim Jordan and will stand shoulder to shoulder with him to end the weaponization of our justice system.

Support Digital Innovation 

We should embrace digital innovation and provide clear, common-sense guidelines for blockchain technology. By doing so, we can create American jobs, protect American consumers, and enable America to remain the global leader in financial services.